Path Maker - Concrete Paving Molds

$34.99 $64.99

These new & stylish concrete garden molds use heavy-duty plastic that turns pre-mixed concrete into garden stepping stones, pathways, or even complete patio areas.

Every stepping stone will lead to a beautiful landscape and protect your plants from accidentally being stepped on. 


WORKS ANYWHERE: Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas and more.

EASY TO USE: A easy DIY tool for your garden. Simple place it down, fill will with cement, remove it and let dry. Can be used multiple times to create stunning paths. 

SAVE MONEY: No need to have workers for your garden when you can create beautiful garden aesthetics at minimal cost! 

Not only greater for your gardens but can also be added to walkways, paths, patios, picnic areas, and other potential outdoor improvements. 


    • 1 x Path Floor Mould.